What is ALPD laser light source?


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ALPD Laser Display Technology

ALPD Laser Display Technology

What is ALPD?

ALPD is acronym of “Advanced Laser Phosphor Display”. With phosphor material excited by the motion of a GaN-based blue lase it produce one or more primary colors for image display, which is one of key technologies of high brightness image display.

The traditional image display device uses high brightness HID light bulb to display color images, but these bulbs are facing shortcomings of short life, low efficiency, containing toxic materials and others. Since LED invention, due to its high efficiency and long life, it is rapidly applied on image display device such as on television. However, despite its advancement and greater flux, LED can not provide high-brightness display limited to large etendue, and even lower brightness than some traditional high-brightness light bulbs, for an example, the high pressure mercury lamp used in traditional projector. But the laser has a good directivity, it can be focused to a small spot (down to a few microns in diameter), the brightness is 100 to 1,000 times than LED, and also greatly improvement on conventional high brightness xenon Light. But its high cost, low electro-optical conversion efficiency and reliability greatly restricted the laser applications of in display field.

ALPD phosphor laser technology adopts basic technology that similar to the mainstream line of LED lighting and display with blue phosphor material, and retain the advantages inherent in traditional laser high brightness. Its innovative remote rotation phosphor components ingeniously solve the problems of phosphor converting thermal quenching, remains high conversion efficiency in high-density laser laser excitation.Meanwhile, using GaN blue laser and YAG and nitride phosphor materials it effectively extend the LED high reliability and long lifetime. ALPD laser source not only own the advantages of traditional laser and LED, but also solve the shortcomings of both, is a new revolutionary of light source, is a major breakthrough in the lighting history.
ALPD technical advantages 

As a huge impact on the CES 2013 fair 100 inch laser TV brings to the industry, ALPD unmatched technical superiority brings customers a new visual experience, its main features are as follows:

High brightness 
ALPD laser light source is a new generation of laser light sources, compared to high-brightness LED source, its brightness has been greatly improved. Currently it can be over 50,000 lumens on a stand-alone projector, far higher than 2000 lumens records the current LED projectors had .

Long lifetime
Unlike conventional laser, ALPD laser light source adopt high stability phosphor light emitting materials and GaN blue laser, it has the same high stability and long lifetime of mainstream LED, the lifetime up to 60,000 hours. At the same time, for the air quality in domestic environment, ALPD laser light source adopt full dust-proof design protection on optical illumination and imaging, even in harsh environments it can also be maintenance-free, thus saving a lot of operating costs.

Low cost 
ALPD laser light source adopt GaN blue laser and high stability of phosphor material, has the same cost structure of current mainstream LED,significantly reduce costs compared to traditional laser. Based on remote rotation phosphor architecture design and its own technology patents, ALPD laser light source can achieve high efficiency phosphor conversion with a minimal number of components. ALPD laser products cost lower than generic ALPD in the market .

Small size 
Modular design of ALPD laser light source can reduce the components number at maximum, which can make the entire display device size significantly smaller. In an example of micro-projector, the products adopt ALPD technology is 50% less in volume than those from LED Light source with same chip (TI’s DLP), while the brightness raised to 200%.

Low energy consumption 
ALPD has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, at the same brightness the energy consumption is much lower than traditional bulbs, traditional laser and LED light sources, reduces energy consumption up to 70%. At the same time, due to the optimized design, ALPD laser source can save over 30% again than the market imitation ALPD laser source. In addition, in the whole manufacturing process ALPD laser light shall not use heavy metals that traditional mercury, xenon lights consume a lot, does not pollute the environment. So,ALPD laser light source is an energy saving green products.

Excellent image quality 
ALPD color laser light source meets DCI-P3 standard of Hollywood digital movie play and ITU REC709 standard of high-definition television. Can truly reproduce completed and accurate high-quality image display. Meanwhile ALPD laser source attenuation magnitude on color quality is also very small over the entire period of life, so it can output high brightness, high color saturation and contrast for long time, display color is always as bright as new.

ALPD laser technology provides a low-cost and high-quality green solutions for high-brightness image display, which greatly promoted the development of the laser light source applications in image display, and spawn a series of revolutionary display products.

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