UUDVR USB Video Capture Card 4 Channel with Audio #10886


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UUDVR USB Video Capture Card 4 Channel with Audio

UUDVR USB Video Capture Card 4 Channel with Audio

pure hardware compression, high definition, full real time, D1, full compatibility, motion detection, mobile phone remote support, floating window, video playback… everything to PCI video capture card..

The effect of this QQDVR USB Video Capture Box will direct SecKill all kinds of USB Capture Card on the market. It won’t be wrong decision if you want to use USB type video capture card. Welcome contractors to compare.

Our main advantages:
*Full support for WINXP, WIN7 32 bit / 64 bit operating systems
*Support 800 *600 screen resolution of any of the above, most of the software currently on the market do not support 800 *600 resolution , such a small screen notebook can also be used. .
– Floating window support , all monitoring channel video can be displayed with a floating window. Any drag , resize the window . Monitoring work done correct.
*A key driver installation, the installation easier
*Multi -stream design . Video stream to a remote stream separately , taking into account real-time remote monitoring and clarity .
*Core chip scale programmable logic chip design, unique programs , super performance . 60nm process design, lower power consumption , less heat , more reliable operation .
*USB interface chip with the world ‘s first USB vendor compatibility stronger , better reliability . Unique USB Anti dropped designed to automatically identify the motherboard USB controller link is broken , and the ability to automatically recover , truly unattended, safe operation. Support hot -swappable , no need to restart the monitoring software can automatically recognize the device plug .
*Rich and powerful remote monitoring capabilities , support for IE, iPhone, iPad, Android. iPhone, iPad software free download directly from the AppStore ( Apple Store ) , no escape.
*Multi- language support , now supports Chinese , English, Korean .
*Provide SDK development kit , a strong secondary development of software services.
*Customers can download the latest version of the software through our website , to avoid losing the disc can not find the software.
*IPhone4 similar appearance of packaging , high-end fashion .

*CD collection cassette , 4 channel video, 4 channel audio
*Hardware compression card , the CPU load is very low , so your monitor does not affect your work, you can open the monitor side , while playing the game , so monitoring entertainment correct ~ ~
*Compatibility is very strong. Support for laptops, desktops , one machine, support the market for almost all types of CPU and motherboard .
*HD picture quality, watch l reach D1 playback effect . Image resolution up to 704 *576.
*Support remote , comes with DNS , no peanut shells , automatic mapping end product , fool-operation .
*Open the PTZ speed dome , alarm boxes protocol interface , easy to customize PTZ protocol , unlimited expansion head type ;
*Extremely powerful multi-language support, customized versions can be extremely fast multi-lingual ;
*Day and night video frame rate can be set separately , smart lower stream, save more hard disk space ;
*Powerful motion detection capabilities, multi-regional multi- point setting , so that a higher sensitivity to avoid false positives may be , many linkage functions to ensure timely and diverse mobile response ;
*Either single-channel independent control , more large ones while playing

Basic Parameters :
*Display resolution : Show 704 *576 (PAL); Playback 704 *576 (PAL)
*Transfer port : USB2.0 high-speed interface
*Video Input: 4
*Audio Input: 4
*Recording Speed: PAL: 25 frames / second NTSC: 30 frames / sec.
*Recording modes: manual recording, timer recording, motion detection recording
*Mobile Remote: support (iPhone-iOS 4.2 or later , iPad-iOS 4.2 or later , Android-2.2 or later )
*Support for floating window , it can be suspended out of the window, the free use of the software , the software resource consumption pole

Function one: window float function
Support IE ?rowser window with remote viewing and suspension features, support any resolution and full-screen display, support a minimum resolution of 800 *600, the monitor screen freely zoom in or out, monitoring entertainment correct, the original really be achieved.

Function II: Mobile Remote Function
Wherever you go, no matter the distance, as long as there is a network, anytime, anywhere, want to see.



Want to contact the original OEM factory for this model, inquiry belows: 
Email: chinaok321@gmail.com  |  Skype: chinaok321    WeChat/Mob: +008613713792667  QQ: 50109596