USB Data Link PC File Transfer Sharer


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USB Data Link PC File Transfer Sharer
USB2.0 high speed copy line is called USB connect line, which can copy files between computers.
We usually need copy information between computers. How to do? we used to use usb disk or move hard disk or network to realize bofore,the problems are usb disk is samll or network share is slow when date is so large.Now there is a latest technology product so that you can copy it faster. Fast copy isn’t a dream,it very uesful and convinient,faster than U disk and move hard disk,can fell and not easy to damage.  It can connected completely through USB2.0 port,sharing data,surfing and network games.With all the funtions of machine line.
*Suports USB2.0,1.1,1.0 and high speed convey mode 1Gbps
*Copy file between each computer and it very easy.
*Convinient,use it at any time,without driving,installation and study,simple the shape interface,apple stlye design,fashion apperance,convenient to carry,supports multiple versions and multinational speech.
*Apply to Win98SE、ME、2000、XP,windows7
*Length:about 1.5meter
*Interface: USB interface
*Need not install driver

Having bad expereince trying to move a big file from one computer to another? Can’t find a large dtorage USB stick for the file? Can’t stand for the long waiting of online transfer? This will be your solution to end all this misery.
This is the traditional way how people transfer a large file. It’s very time consuming because you’ll have to copy it to a storage media (USB Stick or a portable hard drive) and then copy it to the target computer.


Now, with this device, files are transfer directly from PC to PC,you can save 50% of the waiting time, also you don’t have to worry about the size of the USB stick, you don’t worry about those complicated networking settings,just plug this dongle on and begin your data transfer within minutes.

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