Radiation Protect Headset for Drivers Pregnant Woman Children Single Side #11142


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Single Earphone Anti Radiation Earphone Acoustic with Mic Control Handsfree Spiral Transparent Air TubeThis is non-traditional ordinary earphone (its metal wire directly introduce cellphone radiation into the brain,and the internal speaker load amplification of high magnetic currents in earplugs can harm human brain convceivable), it adopt principles of sound conduction acoustic air tube, so that fragile brain away from radiation source without any electronic device sources inner ear, more easily convincing. 98% effectively reduce the radiation, thereby protecting the brain.Applicable:

Pregnant Mom: When you call, the phone radiation will greatly affect healthy development of the baby. For the baby and your health, wear our radiation headphones.
Business people: using radiation-proof headset during a call can effectively reduce the risk of brain cancer, deafness, cataracts, endocrine disorders, reproductive disorders, etc.

*Shell is made of magnesium alloy material, high-quality touch, high-end atmosphere, swept away the feeling of cheap plastics
*With medium and small medical-grade earplugs to prevent ear pain, prevent skin allergies, suitable for all kinds of people
*3.5mm universal plug, high-quality nickel-plated pins, antioxidant capacity, can repeately pluggable over 3000 times
*Aluminum speaker cover, built-in high quality speakers, the sound is clear, it is the better sound quality to the competitors.
*The use of high-end imported TPE wire, durable
*Special collar clip, convenient fixed microphone to ensure call quality
*Intelligent mode switching button for iOS Android phone, (if the sound is not the normal situation, please take out the headset from the phone, slide the switch to the relevant direction to return to normal),suitable for all phones: Samsung, Apple, HTC, MOTO, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, millet, Meizu, Amoi, grand, Coolpad etc.
*Built-in high-fidelity microphone, answer/end/play/pause function; Play previous song: quickly press three times, Play next song: double press.
*No need to add cable, headset compatible with all 3.5 interface

*Type:Air tube stereo ear buds
*Built-in MIC
*With answer and hand up button
*Provide high quality sound for both call and music
*Speaker Spec.: 10mm
*Sensitivity: 102db S.P.LAT 1KHZ
*Frequency Range: 20HZ-20000HZ
*Rated power:100mw
*Power handling capacity:1000mw

*Compared with directly using the mobile phone, radiation is reduced by more than 1000 times
*Compared with using ordinary headphones, radiation is reduced by more than 60 times
*Compared with using a Bluetooth headset, radiation is reduced by more than 20 times
*Anti-radiation Earphone radiation levels is 30 times lower than the requirements of the Hygienic standard for environmental electromagnetic waves

Tips: no sound, voice or other abnormal situation, please slide the intelligent mode switch, you can return to normal!

spy-radiation-protection-earphone Radiation-Proof-Hollow-Tube-Acoustic-Earphone Radiation-Proof-Headset Radiation-Proof-Air-Spring-Duct-Earhook-Headphone Antiradiation-headset-earphone Anti-Radiation-Headset Anti-Radiation-Earphone-for-Driver

Want to contact the original OEM factory for this model, inquiry belows: 
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