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PPGUN PP Gun Wireless Shooting VR Games Bluetooth Console Controller

PPGUN PP Gun Wireless Shooting VR Games Bluetooth Console Controller

The World’s First Rifle FPS Game Controller for Mobile Devices

How do you play FPS games on your mobile device?
Still sitting on your couch,Suffering through the pain of your thumbs cramping up?
Sorry, it is our fault, we should come earlier.You can now stand up and move around!
Fix your tablet or smart phone on PP GUN,Change the view by turning your body,Aim the target by moving the gun,Shoot by pulling of the taigger,Feel a comfortable recoil force form the gun.
You will physically in the game as a real warrior,and enjoy the awesome real pleasure of the games!
Imagine a video game that doesn’t feel like a game.
Where your body is the controller.
When you move, the game moves with you.
Time to get up get up and go!

What is PP Gun?
– PP Gun (Pad Power Gun) is the first rifle FPS game controller for mobile devices in the world, it will will redefine the FPS games, immerse gamers into the game itself to receive a true gaming experience.
– It is compatible with IOS, Android and PC systems via Bluetooth.
– PP GUN comes with an attachable bracket that holds your mobile device at the tip of the gun allowing the player to hold and point the gun correspondingly, to their gaming screen.
– PP Gun also has recoil force feature.

1.I am in the game
PP Gun is optimized designed, holding it makes you feel like a real warrior.
By holding the gun and turning in either direction, the player on-screen moves correspondingly.
It’s also equipped with an analog stick on the muzzle end of the gun-controller, which enables forward and backward movement so you don’t have to walk around your house bumping into things to get around the map, you can even feel the recoil force from the gun when shooting.
Rather than sitting on your couch and suffering through the pain of your thumbs cramping up, now you can stand up and move around as if you were physically in the game, experience the real pleasure of the game.
This is how games are meant to be played!

PP Gun comes with an attachable bracket capable of holding your mobile device at the end of the gun.
Simply attach your mobile device or tablet to the bracket, firmly plant your pivot foot and brace for the kick back after firing each shot, the built in recoil force will heighten the level of realism when you play.
The size, position of our input keys, and strength of recoil were all carefully considered also you can map the function in the game to any key on the gun freely.
You will feel comfortable and ease to controlle the game.

PP Gun compatible with tablet, smart phone and PC under IOS, Android, and Windows system , it can also work with Oculus Rift to make VR shooters more realistic.
What’s more, PP Gun almost support all the popular SPF games (IOS system can only support the games with gyroscope mode,we update software later step by step with latest iOS), you can enjoy your favorite game with it.

The magazine box of PP GUN operates as the power source, the capacity of it is 9000mAh, your mobile device will run out of power before PP Gun does. That means the power it will never stop PP GUN to paly the games.
The magazine of PP Gun can trun into a power bank with two USB sockets (DC 5V 2.1A), you can also charge any of your mobile devices with it .

5.Wonderful design
The gun itself looks incredible. PP Gun is similar to real rifles, it has a amazing appearance, exquisite workmanship, we also equip it with a rifle rack, you can place it on the rack and collect it as an art.

6.Character Instruction
PP Gun can be connected to mobile devices such as phone and tablet.
PP gun and the devices are wireless connected via Bluetooth and 2.4G.
It can cooperate with many mobile devices and PC under IOS/ Android/Windows system.
The build-in high quality gyroscope can real time detect user’s behavior to control the character in the games, and you can customize each keypad with the function in the game freely.

Connection Way: Bluetooth 3.0 + 2.4G
Support System: IOS/ Android /Windows
Support Devices: Smart phone, Tablet , Computer
Support Games:
IOS system: FPS games with gyroscope mode
Android and Computer: all FPS games.
Package Weight: 3.200kg (7.05lb.)
Package Size: 78cm x 35cm x 13cm (30.71in x 13.78in x 5.12in)

Note: not all Smart phone and tablet under Android system have gyroscope chip in itself, if not, then it must be support OTG. At present, due to the limitations of connection APP, Jailbreak IOS or root Android is necessary, PC can use directly.

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