Drive Alert Anti-Drowsy-Larum Nap Zapper #82901


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Drive Alert Driver Awake

Drive Alert Anti-Drowsy-Larum Nap Zapper

When we think of alarm clocks, they are usually meant to wake us up at a specific set time, so we could start our day or get ready for a certain occasion. This may be the common concept of alarm clocks, but wouldnt an alarm that keeps us awake also be beneficial?

Many of us have been in a few dangerous driving conditions, where we were extremely tired and keeping awake would not just get us to our destination quicker but keep us alive. On a lighter sense, there are also gamers that play for hours upon hours and cannot afford themselves the time to nap. A third example where we would like to stay awake is a studious environment with individuals who are attempting to pass a White Night of studying and find it difficult to follow through because of the tremendous lack of sleep. None of these examples are meant to condone such acts or habits, but many still experience them and choose to. If you must go through such times and staying awake is necessary and desired, then there is the Anti Sleep Driving Alarm.

The Nap Zapper works on the principle of electronic balance and does not interfere with normal movements in the car. The alarm sounds only when the driver’s head falls forward in drowsiness, simple but effective.
HOw it works turn the power on, and wear it on right or left ear. It emitts “Bi-Bi-” alarm when driver tends to fall asleep with his head lowered; there is no sounds emitted when driver keeps normal driving status with eyes looking forward.

. 100% brand new nap zapper anti-sleep alarm
. Low power consumption
. Powerful alarm beep
. Work on the study of human body balance
. Alerts when the head loweren in the degrees of 15°to 20°
. Easy to use and comfortable to ware for a long time
. Especially suitable for long-distance driving or night driving
. ON / OFF switch
. Powered by four AG3 button cell batteries(included)
. Super light—18g

Anti Sleep Doze Nap Zapper Drowsy Alarm Alert Anti Sleep Drowsy Alarm Alert Drive Alert Anti-Drowsy-Larum

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