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mini projector tablet pc

Android Tablet Projector Mini Tablet PC with Built-in Projector Function

Let’s imaging…
Your home is the digital theater, just stay home with your sweet for dating  🙂
Games in hand, start racing games on car travel right away, high-definition visual experience waiting for you 🙂
Mobile conference in your hand, for working meetings, video conferencing, convenient PPT presentation, 
save time, work more efficiently 🙂
Multifunction applications, good helper outdoor or home: playing games, family entertainment, follow stocks
index, more interesting and relax. Just at home, all the familiy can enjogy shock effect of big-screen movie
theater…. 🙂
… .. However, Its price is only 1/N of same size of traditional TV, zero radiation, protect eyesight, the
strongest human-computer interaction. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Pro, you want to have ??

Palm Projector Tablet PC Entertainment Revolution, opening a new era of video!

Traditional projector, you still use it?
– Have to find enough place to install, it might have to dismantle the ceiling mounted, if you want to move
elsewhere, it have to dismantle the entire line, real trouble 🙁
– The volume is too large, worry child to hit, too inconvenient! 🙁
– Travel overseas, but there is an important proposal to discuss, need share document with my colleagues, Oh, what kind of equipment can do it? 🙁

Now, you will have ~~

Carefully designed, Focus R&D
Assured products, modern technology, only for better experience ~

[Compact All-in-one Projector Tablet PC] is one of portable epoch-making consumer electronics with compact size,which have functions of traditional Projector + Tablet PC + Smart TV Box + Mobile Power + Music Box. It can be used for personal mobile office, family games entertainment, watch television with loves, team training and teaching, dynamic display advertising, friends party, camping,etc.


* Slim & compact for hands to grasp, all-in-one many functions, not only one tablet pc, but also one great mini projector, relax to carry
* Audio and video synchronization, practical, reasonable prices, 5 points G + G capacitive touch screen.
* 1080P Full HD screen, clear picture: 1280*800 screen resolution / TIDLP light, wider viewing angle, to
bring you a full new visual experience,Long service life of 20,000 hours, 200-inch large projection screen
* Built 3.7V / 8000MAH large capacity lithium polymer battery, can be a lasting play to meet your requirement on games, Internet surf, watching movies, listening to music etc.
* Long standby, perfect performance: 7 hours online video playback, 4 hours projection, 30 hours music, 72
hours standby
* Powerful core, second-speed running: The RK3188 quad-core processors, low-leakage, high performance
28nmMali-400 MP4 GPU, frequency up to 600Mhz
* Built-in Bluetooth, wireless connectivity, more convenient data transmission, connecting headphones and stereo
* Support wireless WiFi, USB Interface 802.11b/g/n, support 5G WiFi, 5 times faster speed
* Smart Projection: support wireless projection, smart regulation on projection distance and spacing, HD
* Massive applications, enjoy it so much
* Closed built-in speaker design, high-quality loudspeakers, high fidelity stereo,surround effect
* 5 million pixel high-definition camera (hardware) for camera and video calling, easily capture, more funny
* Projection display, support different content on different screen: the largest 200-inch projection
display (supports dual display function iso), LED bulb life of 20,000 hours, adopt US Texas TL_DLPLED
(RGB) light machine, 854*480 (WXGA) resolution, ANSI 60LM 900LM LED brightness
* Can work with Bluetooth or wired keyboard mouse,more convenient than remote controller

Technical data / comparative advantages:

Appearance: aluminum oxide, metal frame, looks luxurious for gift, unlike the plastic bottom shell, easy
to fall broken
Product size: 215.5*140*13.3MM, reasonable size, more like talbet PC, more comfortable size to play
Screen size: 8 inches (800*1280)), greater clarity
Weight: 239.8g, really in your pocket
System: Android4.4 (always with latest update), more stable and more compatible with more funs than
CPU: RK3188 / A9 quad-core processor, complete victory on CortexA9 quad-core processor, RAM memory: 2G, doubled
Capacity: 16G memory, support USB / TF expansion 32G
WIFI/3G: 5.0/3G, dual WIFI signal support,more stable and smoother
Bluetooth: Support
Camera: Front and rear are both 500W, no double better than 200W
Touch screen: 5-point G+G capacitive touch IPS screen, higher sensitivity, what is 5 points, you can use the whole finger play games Fruit Ninja
USB Interface: U disk direct reading, support mobile power function to charge for cell phones and other equipments
Audio and video formats: supports all formats
Speaker: Boss speaker, clear sound, clean, non-ordinary
Projection light machine: Texas TI_DLP LED (RGB) light source, 854×480 (WXGA) resolution, ANSI 60LM (equivalent LED 900LM), Life of 20,000 hours, during all the life no need to replace lamp like a traditional projector lamp
Projection size: Up to 200 inches (150 currently as recommend) support for dual display in different device and screen. You do your job, while the children watch his Jack&Mickey on different split screen. Static and dynamic display on different screen is currently popular advertising method.
Battery capacity: 8000mAH polymer battery, online play seven hours, the projector 4 hours, doubled lasting time
Power: DC 5V / 2A

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Want to contact the original OEM factory for this model, inquiry belows: 
Email:  |  Skype: chinaok321    WeChat/Mob: +008613713792667  QQ: 50109596