2in1 Stereo Smart Bluetooth Sunglasses Listen Music from Mobile Phone


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2in1 Stereo Bluetooth V4.0 Smart Sunglasses Listen Music from Mobile Phone

With this model, you need not buy bluetooth sunglasses & MP3 Sunglasses separately.  It is not only able to receive / reject callings but also able to listen wonderful music from your smart phone directly.  

Music Function:

You can listen to music from your Smartphone/iPhone/Android Phone only if your phone support stereo audio.

Bluetooth Function:
*Perfect integration of bluetooth and sunglasses. Monophonic blue tooth earpiece, Compact and fashionable appearance, unique design and personality showing make it necessity for urban success and trendy celebrities, and make communication convenient in free control.
*Earphone module can be equipped at left or right with a convenient controlling button.
*It can match most of sunglasses and short-sighted glasses.
*You can talk easily and conveniently with an earphone that can be inserted or pulled out.
*Bluetooth V4.0, with effective distance of ten meters, talking time of up to 8 hours, and stand-by time of up to 200 hours.
*Charging time: 3 hours.

Sunglass Function: 
The resilient glass, which is comprised of 11-layer materials, is introduced from polarized lenses produced by an American company Polaroid. The 1st layer: Polarizing Layer, the core of polarized lenses, provides over 99% polarized light and also it can effectively absorb the reflected glare vertical to light-through axis to make lens most suitable for fishing/driving/sailing/hunting/skiing/sports, etc. The 2nd and 3rd layers: Adhesive Layer makes the polarized lenses effectively resist incision/ bending/ cutting piece to expose it in severe environment. The 4th and 5th layers: UV Absorbing Layer makes polarized lenses effectively absorb over 99% UVA(315-380mm)and over 99% UVB(280-315mm). The 6th and 7th layers: Impact Resistance Layer has quality tenacity and impact resistance. The 8th and 9th layers: Polarizing Color Layer provides excellent protection to reduce the visible light transmittance. The 10th and 11th layers: Over-polished and Hard Coating Layer effectively prevents lens from scratch on the surface. The ordinary polarized sunglasses usua1ly have 0.75mm lens, while this type of polarized sunglasses have 1.13mm thick and hard coating lens, compared to lens typed with 0.75mm, they have many advantages such as distortion resistance, higher solidity and a higher degree of wear resistance.
The flip-up lens is a material that blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light.

Every pcs in a Leather Box,  then in color gift box.

Want to contact the original OEM factory for this model, inquiry belows: 
Email: chinaok321@gmail.com  |  Skype: chinaok321    WeChat/Mob: +008613713792667  QQ: 50109596